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Now you can receive fresh unique content for your site on autopilot

 - and have full control over what you receive. This is a great way to build content for your site (the search engines LOVE unique content) AND it actually helps to promote your site. And it is FREE.

Fully compatible with all versions of Wordpress from 2.2 upwards and many other CMS platforms.

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An excellent quide on how to set up a Wordpress blog to profit from automated unique content.

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Here is how it works:

1. First install the plugin. You can download the latest version here. (for other platforms, scroll to the bottom). It installs in the same way as any other Wordpress plugin, and full instructions are included. Installation takes just a few minutes.

Alternatively, just use this one-click installation script and it will all be done for you:

One-Click Plugin Installer

URL of your wordpress installation directory:


FTP details (these are NOT saved or stored by us):
Login Name:

2. In Your Wordpress Admin Panel, Go to Settings >> UAW Control Panel and select the appropriate categories for which you want to receive articles.

You have full control over the categories for which you do or don't receive articles. You can then further fine tune this by filtering out articles by keywords - for example if you have a 'games' category, you could, if you wished, filter out any articles that included 'poker' as a keyword.

You can also opt to receive embedded video, audio or image with the articles. Again you have full control over what you get and how they are displayed.

The Videos and audios are not hosting on your site, so they won't use up any of your bandwidth. The images are hosted on your site, but they are pretty small.

Having multi media on your site is a great way to enhance your visitor's experience, which means they will stick around more, and maybe check out some of the offers or affiliate links that you have.

3. Now click on Settings >> Writing. Down at the bottom of that page you will see a section called "Update Services". Paste the following into this box:

4. Promote your site, as per normal. Better still, why not sign up to the Wizard and harness the full power of article marketing?

5. er, that's it.


Oh, yes, put some means of making money onto your site - either promote a product, or put up advertising.

You see, what is really sneaky is this: Every time your blog receives a new article from the Wizard, and it is published, Wordpress will automatically "ping" those update services. Those services then tell all sorts of other sites that there is a new article on your site.

Those other sites are looking for content, and so what do they do? They post a snippet of the new article (that just arrived onto your Wordpres blog) onto their site. Along with a link back to your site! And it all happens automatically.

Quite apart from the fact that the search engines LOVE all that content that is going on your site!


How will you know it is happening?

These sites that display 'your' article (i.e. the UAW article that was posted to your site) then post a comment back to your site, which you will see waiting for you to approve when you next login to your control panel.

So, just to recap: you receive unique content from the Wizard. That gets syndicated to other sites (via RSS feeds - all automated). And you get more links back to your site.

Plus all the links you are getting from sending out your own articles through the Wizard. (Note: you don't have to be a member of the Wizard to use this free plugin. We just recommend it as the best way to promote your site)

links => traffic => money

What more can I say?

Want more details on this?

Wizard member Mark Thompson has done that for you! Get his free report on this cool strategy here (and read just one of his multiple testimonials below):

The $20,000 Blog Post PDF (Right click to save) 

$20,000 commission from just TWO articles!

"I just thought you'd like to know that we used UAW a couple of months ago to promote a blog post I made about a product. The article has been responsible for over $50,000 worth on sales in the first 2 weeks resulting in about $6000 worth of commission and has then gone on to produce over $20,000 in commissions. And this was for a PHYSICAL product!

"If you go to Google unique versions of this articles completely dominate the first 100 google rankings. Not too shabby!!

"I seriously doubt that I could have got anywhere close to this number of sales if it wasn't for UAW as it was the only tool I used."

- Said Mark Thompson when we were discussing the cool Wordpress strategy the other day. (In fact, we highly recommend his ebook on his strategy. This is probably one of the most informative and useful products I have read - at any price. You can get it here: Wordpress Goldmine)


"Tell me more about what the plugin does"


You can see what it looks like on my demo installation here: demo plugin. NOTE: This is the Article Dashboard plugin, the plugins for other systems, including Wordpress, look similar.

The script gives you a full control panel that allows you to:

  • limit the number of articles you receive each day.
  • select which categories for which you want to receive articles - and, yes, the list is taken from YOUR list of categories.
  • exclude articles by filtering them by keyword - allows you to eliminate problematic topics.
  • display embedded videos, audios and images, fully under your control.
  • enable/disable email notification of article submissions - with an embedded link that allows you one-click approval or deletion of each article. If you have a small niche blog that does not receive many articles, this saves you from having to log into your site's admin panel every day just to see if there are new articles waiting for approval. You can customize the subject line so as to make email filtering easier.
  • include your affiliate code with articles so that you can earn money just by publishing the article - and earn money when OTHER people publish the article that they found on your site. You will be surprised at how effective this is!
  • automatically publish articles rather than have them posted as draft, "waiting for review". Often it is a lot quicker to just delete a few bad articles (using the email notification) than to spend the time to approve many good articles.

Articles are posted by creating a new account for each user (who may use multiple pennames). Real information is provided, including valid email address (but please don't flood them with emails otherwise they will just bulk-folder them all).

Several security measures are incorporated so as to make sure that the plugin won't compromise your site in any way.  Full source code is provided so you can check it out yourself. No changes are made to your database. Removal is as simple as unchecking a box to turn off receiving articles, and then, if you wish, you can just delete all the files. NOTE however, that if you do delete the files, then any audio and video embedded in the received articles will no longer be displayed.

If you have another "off-the-shelf" system - please let us know! We are in the process of creating plugins for many such systems.  In the meantime, you can receive articles by email.

If you are using your own, non-standard system, please feel free to download any one of the plugins and customize it to suit your own site. All you need is a basic understanding of PHP and databases, and be familiar with the database structure of your own site. The source code is well documented and developer's notes are also provided.

Any questions? Just ask!!!!!!!

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