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Authority Builder provides you with a fully automated solution that builds your:

Brand & Author AUTHORITY, TRUST, RELEVANCE, RANKINGS and TRAFFIC all on Autopilot!

Here are only a couple of the Google Safe automated features:
Did we mention - All done for you... on AUTOPILOT
ONLY $129/Month!
Show me the money you say!
We registered a NEW DOMAIN name (.com), installed Wordpress, installed a free theme/template, added our categories for our targeted Niche and then signed up for the Authority Builder... and over the past 2 months we have see FANTASTIC RESULTS all done on AUTOPILOT for us!
As you can see the site traffic, social engagement and Search Engine Rankings all sky rocketing for many HIGHLY COMPETIVE KEYWORDS!
NOTE: The site is less than 2 months old with 0 backlinks built to it by "traditional SEO" (so far)!
When you sign up you will gain access to the following fully automated services:
Sign up for Early Access to the Authority Builder and you save on both the:
Set Up Fee: $149 Waived
Regular Monthly Fee: $217
Early Access Pricing: $129 / Month
(no set up fee)
Save Over 40%!
Bonus... that's not all you as an Early Access holder will receive! You can take control manually and add more signals by:
This is only the beginning of where the Authority Builder will take your site. It's a fully automated solution for creating, writing, posting and social signal/backlink building solution and management for your website - safe from Penguins and Pandas, Zebras, or any other animal Google wants to throw at you!
By taking advantage of the early access pass offer, not only do you save the $149 set up fee, you also lock in the low monthly price of $129/mth for the life of your subscription saving over $119/month!
You heard me right, for you, we are waving the $149 setup fee AND you receive over 40% off our regular monthly fee for the life of your subscription!
This offer is by invitation only and at this time we are only able to have a limited number of members, especially at this price!
Once we hit our limit we will need to hold off for a bit until we ensure we can increase our capacity...
Don't miss the limited seating opportunity to get in now before your time runs out!!
When it does you will have to wait for our next available entry prior to our public release at full price with 0% discount!


Earnings Disclaimer: Do not invest in this software system if you think it will automatically make you money just because you bought it. You have to work to succeed in anything (especially business) and we are not going to pretend otherwise. The results we've shown here and in the related videos aren't typical and your results could and probably will vary. In the end, you may not make any money at all. It's possible you might even lose money. It's also possible that you can outperform any of our case studies. Our service is an automation tool that will help you work for your success, but it will be all up to you, because if you're looking for a magic bullet that does all the work for you, this ain't it.

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