"Discover the hidden source of targeted traffic that unearths eager buying customers , drives them straight to your site, and literally explodes your profits almost overnight"

Have you come to the realization that online marketing has changed? Are you using expensive outdated systems & methods that no longer are effective in ranking your site in today’s changing search environment?

As you read what I am about to reveal to you, you will discover a strategy that could transform your business in a way you had only ever dreamed about.

Increasing site rankings and driving relevant traffic to your website may seem overwhelming, in fact an almost impossible goal to achieve. Perhaps then its time that we throw in the towel and give up our dreams of success… we never wanted to achieve our goals of living the good life… or did we?

Let me share with you an experience that changed my perspective on someone having too much reliance upon Google for their main focus to generate traffic.

Tracking various sites that consistently ranked in positions 1st or 2nd for many keywords, the site was experiencing good traffic and decent revenues. Nothing spectacular but the sites were gaining a decent increasing revenue stream and were showing good promise.

Then, overnight, all that changed. Traffic dropped off, revenue disappeared, it was a devastating blow, Google had once again gone and changed their Algorithm. They decided that the previous backlinking methods were no longer effective. The sites tanked deep inside Google even though these sites had been creating great unique content and getting lots of backlinks, they were missing something that the search engines were using today to rank sites…

For the next couple of months, I was studying, testing, reading everything I could, talking with my peers and then my testing began to confirm what was becoming very apparent to me… that Social Signals now matter. Social Signals like ReTweets, Likes, Shares all were beginning to have a positive effect for ranks. The engines now were able to collect enough social data, measure and rank profiles that when certain social networks were used in conjunction with fresh content and content marketing, things began to change for the better.

Ranks began to rebound, traffic began to return, the site was ranking for keywords targeted through a combination of content marketing and social content. There was traffic that was slowly growing from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more…

It became clear to me what needed to happen.

  1. My old school thoughts and habits needed to change. I needed to stop being reliant on search as my primary source of traffic and diversify my communications.

  2. I needed to stop fighting social media and embrace it, use it to support my online marketing efforts and become engaging.

  3. Create a plan, a system to better utilize these new channels in a way that big businesses could only afford.

  4. Build a scalable solution for someone like me.

    • I needed a new system, one that was scalable and socially engaging

Engagement matters and it is a metric by which our connections, networks and sites are being rated. How long a user stays on your site, how fresh your content is, what social signals you have, how many fans your page has, what links/phrases are being retweeted… combined with your backlinks were all being used to determine your relevancy for results. Links matter, we know this, it is the primary way by which search engines can understand how many votes there are for your website and its content.

What do you change?

You need to be deeply targeted & relevant for your content marketing. This needs to be supported by social engagement. Engagement will send all the right signals to the Search Engines, increase your search engine rankings all while building yourself as expert in your industry.

But how do we effectively manage something of this size, its too complicated and certainly can't be scaled up to compete… how do we do all this and yet find the time to actually enjoy life & be productive instead of being tied to the computer 24/7?

Imagine if a solution could provide you with the ability to:

Generate Unique ContentBuild Relevant Relationships
Establish yourself as an Expert in your NicheEstablish Expertise through Social Media
Build your CommunityEngage through Relevancy
Manage your CommunicationsMultiple Targeted Traffic Channels
Track your ProgressBuild Author Authority

"So why does this strategy work so well?"

Because it does all four of these:

1. It establishes you as the expert in your niche.  People will read about you., connect with you, engage with you They will see that you know what you are talking about, and that you offer sensible, sane, advice.  Do it right, and they will test everything else to see if it measures up to the standards you have set.  In short, they will learn to TRUST you.  And when they are ready to buy, they will either buy from you (if you have a product or service to sell), or they will listen to your recommendations - and buy through your affiliate links.

How will this happen?

Simply because you will provide solid, valuable, helpful content. AND they will see your name all over the web. Your social prescience will widen and grow. Whichever way they turn, they will come across your name and your content. Again and Again.  Pretty soon it becomes obvious who is the leader, the expert, the authority on this particular topic.

Ah, the lovely "ka-ching" of cash registers receiving money!

But that is not all!

2. Your social profiles and your content, that is all over the web, is pure honey for the search engines! Like bees they swarm to it - all the more so since it is all unique content.  They lap it up, process it, and serve it up to the public through the search engine results.  After all, that is what search engines do best - discover unique content and provide it to the searching public.

And there is still more…!

3. Not only is there all that unique content, but in it there are links, correctly formatted links, that point back to your website. Not one or two, but hundreds. And, over time, not hundreds but thousands and tens of thousands!  Now the search engines love you even more!  Thousands of targeted links on themed content pages tells the search engine that your site is THE authority on this particular niche.  Especially when these links are coming from sites that the search engines have already rated as "authority" sites!  So guess where they list you on their search results?

You betcha! Number One.

Which takes us right back to all those visitors who, seeing you at number one in the rankings, are even more convinced that you are the expert that will solve their problems.

Think that's impossible?

We have done it for our sites - on highly competitive terms such as "article marketing" Go ahead. Take a look at Google for that term and see, out of over 1,100,000,000 competing sites, who is at number 1? Okay, its Wikipedia but right under that:

Ka-ching, ka-ching!

If we can do this in such a competitive field, imagine what you could do for your niche?

By using this strategy you actually end up hijacking visitors from quality sites that have spent time and money getting those visitors!  They go to the "authority site", read your content, your tweet, a relevant retweet, click on the link, and Bam! there they are - on your site, earning you money!  AND, with respect to Google, you also get some of their Page Rank!

How sweet is that?

"Sounds Fantastic! But How Do I Actually DO that?"

Glad you asked! Here are the steps:

Step 1. Create a project, write or even order an article about your niche.

But don't just write any old article.  Write something that provides value.  Answer a question that the reader has. And then suggest ways they can get more information, or point them in the direction of finding the products that will solve their problems.

One of the most effective tactics is to do an article along the lines of "Don't buy X unless it meets these criteria" in which you spell out all the features they should be looking for in a product - which just so happen to match exactly the features of the product you are selling.  If your niche is golf shoes then you might, for example, write an article on "How to Find the Perfect Golf Shoe".

Now, you can actually put a link to your site inside the body of the article, you are expected to put a "resource box" at the end of the article with a link to your site.  Something like this (no, the links don't work, it is just an example):

About the author: Joe Smith has specialized in Golfing Accessories for the past 5 years and has produced a free report that exposes the underhand techniques golf shoe companies use to sell you sub-quality merchandise. Don't be caught out. Get you free report on Golf Shoes now. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this box is kept unchanged.

See how this grabs the visitor and drives him right to your site, already in the right frame of mind to listen to your advice?

"Okay, then what?"

Step 2. Submit that article to all the top article directories, announcement lists, and ezine publishers.

They will grab it, and either publish it on the web, or send it out in their ezine to their thousands of subscribers.  Then other webmasters and ezine publishers will see it, and they too will pick it up and publish it… And on it goes, first hundreds then thousands of copies of your article all over the web, driving hordes of qualified buyers right to your website.

Step 3. Repeat.

In fact, the best strategy is to do this once per week for every website you own.  The results actually become exponential, as the more they see your name in print, the more credible you become, and the more likely it is that other publishers will pick up your articles and reprint them.  In fact, quite frequently I have had people contact me asking for permission to print my articles offline in their magazine (a real paper and ink magazine)!  How cool is that?  Talk about free publicity!  Of course I said "yes" each time.

The same could happen for you.

By doing this, by the end of the year you will have tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of qualified, genuine, one-way links to your site.  Plus all those different articles will show up for all sorts of "long-tail" searches (i.e. people typing three or more words into the search engines.  You will start to receive traffic from all sorts of places you never previously knew about.

Can you tell me any other legitimate strategy that can produce those kind of results?

"Hold On Just a Minute - I Can't Write to Save My Life!"

Don't worry, in the free e-course you just signed up to, I take you by the hand and show you how simple it is to create a fantastic article in just minutes.  And if that still sounds too hard, I show you where you can get articles written for you - at a lot less cost than you might think!  If somehow you missed signing up for this special course (itself worth $37) just click the link: free course and you can get it right now.

"Okay, But Where Do I Submit My Articles?"

Ah! Now there is the crux of the matter!

Just do a search on Google for  "article directories" and you will find literally hundreds of places to send your article.  Just visit each one, fill in their form to register your account, then fill in their submission form, select the appropriate category and…

"You Cannot Be Serious!  That Would Take Me Days!"

Well, yes, you are right.  So the alternative is to use an article submission service. There are a number on the web.  You sign up for them, pay your money, and submit your article.  They then distribute your article to various directories and announcement lists on your behalf.

This is, of course, the way savvy marketers have been doing it for years: it is highly effective, very simple, and very quick.  Again, in the free course I tell you where you can find the best of these services.

Compare with Other Services

Most other services do not provide a social profile for your author's names that you can use.

Why does this matter?

If you own only one website, it probably doesn't. But if you own a number you will probably want to use a different pseudonym for each domain that all have social accounts.  After all, it would seem a bit strange if Joe Smith is not only an expert on golf shoes, but also on horse riding, martial arts, gardening, kayaking and embroidery - along with twenty other niche subjects!

That simply won't do!  You need to be able to use as many pseudonyms as you like, without having to pay extra for the privilege.

They submit to only a limited number of directories or announcement groups.  Sure, they will say something like, "we submit your article to over 40,000 publishers".  But what you actually find is that they submit to some ezine directory or article announcement list that says it has 40,000 subscribers.  But how many of them match your niche and would actually be interested in your article?  That depends on your niche, but is likely to be only a very small percentage of those 40,000.

And what about all the small niche article directories?  There are hundreds of them out there, but how many submission services submit to them?

None. That's how many.  But even though those sites may be small, the fact that they are targeting your niche makes them a valuable home for your article.  Quite simply, you want your article on as many sites as you can. The Unique Article Wizard currently submits to well over 20,000 directories, blogs and websites, with many more being added all the time.

Many of them require you to register an account with each directory they submit to - or, at the least, require you to respond to the hundreds of confirmation emails that each directory sends you when you do register.  That's a few wasted hours. The Unique Article Wizard handles all that for you.

None of them provide you with a built in Social Exchange System for engagement…

That is a huge flaw - particularly as the search engines are measuring and ranking social signals.  You have to find ways to increase your social signals.  Plus, you need them to see the right social signals.  The more engagement that your social profiles have, the more weight it has with the search engines. This, of course, is where the Unique Article Wizard stands head and shoulders above the rest.

So, after hunting down dozens of such services, and finding none that met my needs, Noel was finally forced to create his own. That was 5 years ago.  And since then he has been quietly using it to promote his own sites.

Now, he was going to keep this to himself. However after much discussion with prominent internet marketer Frank Garon, he finally persuaded Noel that:

a) This was too good a tool to be kept hidden in the closet, and

b) There is plenty of room in all the other niches (that he was not involved in) so it wouldn't harm his business if others had access to the same power that he was using.

So here it is:

Announcing: My Secret Stealth Service That Puts Article Submissions Onto Steroids!


I'm so excited I just had to write you. I have been using UniqueArticlewWizard for about 3 weeks.

On my third week I took a PLR niche article on home decorating, rewrote it 100% and loaded into UAW.

It was distributed August 1st.

A couple of days later on August 3rd, I thought about checking my keyword on Google to see if the article might be listed.

I wasn't really expecting anything so soon.

Man, was I stunned!

NUMBER 1 in Google, showing about 1,690,000 sites listed. And, without using quotes around my keyword in the search.

Number 1 over one and a half million sites in 2 days!

I am just falling over, really I can't put it into words.

Thanks over 1 and a 1/2 million.

Darryl Harris

I have never really gone in for paid services to build my online business. However within weeks of using Unique Article Wizard i found myself with thousands of backlinks, for only a few hours work. On top of that I now have two sites which are fully powered by content from Unique Article Wizard, each one updated with ten articles a day, instead of the one article a week when I was trying to write all my content myself.

This service has not only freed me from my daily online struggle to keep up with all my blogs, websites, and backlinking campaigns, but it has also shown me a completely new way to conduct my online business.

Oliver Whitham
This is Freelance Article Directory

Hi Noel,

I am absolutely loving Unique Article Wizard!

You have taken something that smart marketers have been doing for years and put it on steroids. There is no doubt in my mind that you could easily charge MUCH more than you are.

After testing Unique Article Wizard for 2 weeks, I emailed all of my customers and gave it my highest recommendation. Anyone serious about increasing traffic and revenue should use Unique Article Wizard. Period!

My hat's off to you for a KILLER idea. I only wish I had thought of this myself. ;)

Jeff Alderson

Hi Noel

I just had to write to say how simply brilliant your Unique Article Wizard (UAW) is - it's the perfect 'must-have' software to grow any Internet based business ultra-fast!

In a matter of seconds, it sends out my articles to such a massive database of directories, but more than that, within days backlinks show up in the search engines. One example delivered me 1646 links in eleven days, it's that quick. And we all know that links back to our web sites are like money in the bank!

The system is faultless and so I always recommend it to my marketing and business clients, because I've proved it works. I've tried others, but they are not even in the same league as UAW.

You're a guy of absolute integrity and your customer care is second to none, and so I wish you every success with this amazing software - you deserve it. Yes, your Unique Article Wizard gets my 110% satisfaction rating; it doesn't come better than that.

Geoff Carter
Internet Marketing and Business Coach

"So What Exactly Does the Unique Article Wizard DO?

  1. It submits a different unique article to every directory, ezine publisher, announcement group, and niche website. No other service does this.

    How does it produce the unique articles?  I am sorry, I cannot reveal that here, as it is a trade secret. In fact, you will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement when you join so that we can keep this to ourselves. You need to know, however, that it does not use synonym substitution like so many so-called unique content creators use.  I have looked into those too - and found that they either produce absolute rubbish that no human would read for more than about two seconds, or else they take hours per article to set up.

    Unique Article Wizard does require you to make some adjustments to each article - on average it takes about 30 minutes to do this (and again, this can be outsourced).  And then it produces completely readable, human written, unique articles.  Remember, after all, your goal is two-fold: lots of unique content PLUS a compelling article that draws people to your site.  Unique Article Wizard will not hash up your lovely article into unreadable gibberish.

    I cannot stress this enough.  As the search engines become more sensitive to duplicate content you need this edge to maximize the power of each and every article you send out.  Only Unique Article Wizard does this.

  2. It is simplicity itself to use!  Average time to submit a new article once it is written and ready to go? About 30 seconds.  And no need to register new accounts or respond to confirmation emails - we do all that for you!

  3. It submits to hundreds of top article directories.  In fact, it submits to more article directories, announcement groups, and ezine publishers than any other submission serviceLike I said, you've got to get your article out there!

  4. It also submits your article to my own network of dozens of niche websites. Actually, I only mention this because some submission services make a similar claim.  The reality is, of course, that only a handful of these sites (theirs and mine) will match your topic, so this is a nice feature, but not nearly as impressive as it sounds!

  5. You have the option of setting up staggered submission and spread out your submission over days or even weeks

  6. You can even preload your account with multiple articles - and then set future dates for their submissions.

  7. It allows you to use as many pseudonyms as you like - got a hundred or three hundred domains, all using a different pseudonym?  No problem.

  8. It provides a simple control panel that keeps all your articles organized so that you know which articles have gone out for which domains.  You can see instantly which articles have been sent, and which are still waiting to be sent.  That means you can upload a bunch of articles in advance, and then send them out one at a time when you are ready for them to go.  You can also resubmit an article with just the click of a button.  Sometimes it makes sense to do that after 6 months or a year - although a better strategy would be to write a brand new article.

  9. It will submit your article to your own blog (using one of the UAW plugins) which, if you combine it with setting up future submissions, allows you to provide regularly updated content for your site without having to go back each week to post your new articles. Set it all up at the beginning of the year and let it run on auto pilot from then on!

  10. An extra little twist: Each unique version that goes out can also carry a link that enables people to get their own unique version of that article - different from the one they are reading!  Webmasters love this option, as it means they can get some unique content for their website, just by clicking on the link!  Which means, in turn, even more of your articles will get syndicated. Want to see it in action? Just click here. Not only that, but the link is automatically encoded with your affiliate ID, so you can earn money without lifting a finger! NOTE: this feature is optional, and can be turned off by either the author and/or the receiving directory.

  11. On top of all that, your article also goes out as an RSS feed to countless websites that use RSS technology to provide content on their web pages.  Yet more exposure!

  12. Adding Social Media to your Author Profiles is a breeze, bring life to every author profile you create that can be used to exchange social signals with other relevant niche related persons, bringing traffic, social signals and relevancy to your content marketing efforts.

"And How, Exactly, Will All This Benefit Me?"

Will it make you rich overnight? No.  But it will do this:

Within 48 hours your articles will start to be indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines - along with the backlink to your site.  A great way to get your site quickly indexed by the major search engines.
Within 4 - 5 days (typically) your website itself will be indexed by Google and other search engines. A great way to get a brand new site quickly indexed by the major search engines.
Within 1 - 3 weeks you will typically have 50 - 200 instances of your article (that means 100 to 400 backlinks to your site) indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The exact number depends largely on the topic (category) of your article - some categories are picked up by more directories than others.  Already your position in the search engines is starting to rise, resulting in more traffic to your site.
In the following weeks and months that number will continue to grow.  How much depends on the quality of your article, as well as the niche that it serves.  The better it is, the more people who will want to reprint it.  And, again, some niches are more widespread than others (typically, for example, marketing articles will by reprinted more often than knitting ones, but then you probably need less knitting articles to make it to number one in Google.)
As all these different, unique versions of your article get listed in the search engines, they will start to appear in the results for all sorts of 'long-tail' searches.  Since every one is slightly different, you have that many more chances of being found.  This is one way you will really see the benefits of this strategy.
As your name (or your pseudonym) spreads across the internet, you will be building a reputation for yourself as the "obvious expert" in relation to your chosen niche. Not only will you dominate the niche in the search engine results you will also dominate in credibility.
Do this every week and you will see your search engine placement and traffic rocket exponentially.  It truly is astounding how such a simple strategy can be so powerfully effective. Imagine, by the end of a year you could easily have over 50,000 links to your site - for just a couple of minutes work each week!

The end result?

More Visitors + More Credibility = More Sales & More Profit

It's as simple as that.

Unique Article Wizard simply outclasses every other article submission service - more article submissions to more places using unique content…

Isn't it time you started to harness this incredible power? 

No more need for expensive search engine optimization "gurus" that charge $1,500 or more per month. 

No need for dangerous black hat tactics like automated blog and tag submissions that are very likely to get you banned.

No need to buy text links - at an average $20 per link that gets very expensive!  Two hundred links - what you would get from one very average article - would cost you $4,000.  See the tremendous power of article submissions?

Just one article a week.  It's that simple.

Hi Noel:

Just a quick note to let you know how impressed by how well this software really works! I've known you for a few years now and I know you put your heart and soul into everything you do.

It shows here - you're always tweaking things to make them work even better for your customers, and I'm happy to give my "stamp of approval" to both your software and to you personally!

Keep up the great work - looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!


Frank Garon,


"Wow! I can see the power of this. But how much Is it going to cost me?"

Like I said from the start, if this is going to be viable, it has got to be cheap.  So, no, I won't charge you $50 per article, nor a $379 one-off fee.

Membership is just $67 per month - remember, you can promote all your niche sites to your heart's content - using as many pseudonyms as you like, as often as you like to over 20,000 directories and blogs.  But even if you have only one site, it is still tremendous value.

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