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How to Set Up your Blogspot Blog to Receive Unique Content Articles
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It is very easy! Here are the steps:

1. Log into your Blogspot Control Panel (Dashboard). You will see something like this:


2. Click on the link for "Settings".

You will be taken to this:


3. Click on the "Email" link

You will be taken here:

The only field you need to enter is the second one. Put anything you like in that box, it really doesn't matter as no-one will ever see it.  Then Decide if you want posts automatically published, or saved as draft. Until you have fine tuned all your settings, I recommend choosing 'Draft' for now.  Once you are happy with the articles you are receiving, then you can switch to 'Auto'.


4. Now write down the full email address from that second box.  You need to take all three parts of it: the prefix, the bit your entered, and the


5. Now go over and sign up for a free email delivery account with The Unique Article Wizard.

Put the email address you got from step 4 into the field "Email Article Delivery Address":

Then fill in all the other details. 

To select the categories or articles you want to receive, you can use either the provided list, or you can enter your own list, or you can use both.

If you have a very tightly niched blog, you may prefer to enter your own list - if you do, use keywords that accurately describe what you want.  Remember this list is matched up with the keywords provided by the article author. So if you put "dogs" you will get any and all articles that have anything to do with dogs. If you don't want that, then maybe try phrases such as "dog training", "puppy training", and so on.

With a bit of experimentation you will be able to get just the articles you are looking for.


6. Hit the "Signup" button.


7. Go and check your blog for the confirmation email. In it will be a confirmation link. Click that, and you are all set to receive articles direct to your blog! Go back to the Dashboard and find the Posts link:

Or, if you set it to auto-publish your posts, click on the View Blog link, and you will see it there.


8. At any time you can log into your account to change your preferences. You can switch off receiving articles, you can change which categories you receive, and you can choose which format you want your articles delivered in.


9. If you want to fine-tune the way the articles are displayed, here is how you can do it (but it does require a little bit of knowledge of CSS and HTML). This is not essential. Most people will want to ignore this step completely.

 Go back to the dashboard and click on the Layout link, and then the Edit HTML link:

Down the page you will see a section called Edit Template. In there you will see a textarea in which you can make changes to the template.  In there, scroll down until you see something that looks like this:

This is the css section.  Now, what you will want to do is add some sections of css that will look something like this (obviously you change the details to suit your preferences - and make sure you include the dot at the beginning of the line for each section):

/* this sets the style for the by-line of the author */
.uawbyline {
     font-size: 12px;

/* this affects the main body text of the article */
.uawarticle {     


/* this wraps around both the "about the author" and the actual resource box. You could use this to put a box around them both, eg: */
.uawresource {
     border: 1px solid red;
     padding: 10px;

/* this is the phrase "About the Author" */
.uawabout {
     font-style:normal !important;   
*/ NOTE: the "!important" is needed to override the italic style that is already included in this div

 /* this is the rest of the resource box */
 .uawlinks  {


For more help on how to use CSS to change the appearance of your blog, just do a Google search on "CSS Tutorial" and you will find loads of help!  If this all looks like some foreign language - don't worry about it - just ignore this step.

That's it!


Any questions? Just ask!!!!!!!

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